segunda-feira, 22 de março de 2010

The Automatic - Monster

The Automatic, are a Welsh based rock band. The three remaining original members James Frost, Robin Hawkins, and Iwan Griffiths are from Wales; new addition Paul Mullen (originally of Yourcodenameis:milo) is from Sunderland. The band originally formed in Cowbridge, but are currently based in a studio in Cardiff. Jarcrew, Muse, Blur and The Blood Brothers are among the band's influences. The bands first album Not Accepted Anywhere was released on 19 June 2006 and featured 3 singles, "Raoul", "Recover" and "Monster" all of which charted in the UK. On 25 August 2008 the band released their second record This Is a Fix, featuring only one single "Steve McQueen". The band released "Interstate" on December 6, 2009, first single from Tear the Signs Down which was be released on March 8, 2010, preceded by second single "Run & Hide" on March 1 2010.

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tania disse...

tenho-te a dizer q estás a fazer um verdadeiro serviço público já q normalmente não apanho o nome das músicas na rádio e só às tuas custas já descobri 2, lol

p.s: ficava mais prático se metesses o coisinho dos comments em pop up..