segunda-feira, 3 de maio de 2010

The xx - VCR

The xx are a three-piece band from Wandsworth, south west London, England, formed in 2005. The four original band members met at Elliott School, notable for alumni including Hot Chip, Burial and Four Tet. The band members are Romy Madley Croft (vocals, lead guitar), Oliver Sim (vocals, bass guitar), and Jamie Smith (beats, MPC sampler). The xx was originally a four-piece band, but keyboardist Baria Qureshi left the group in late 2009 because of the pressures of an intensive touring schedule.

2 comentários:

tania disse...

aqui esta 1 album q tenho q "adquirir"..n m arranjas?

Peeping Tom disse...

arranjo arranjo, se não me lembrar hoje fala comigo :)